• Recreation & Leisure Sports
    The aim of this major is to educate the students to have both practical and theoretical knowledge. Recreation and leisure sports will require the knowledge in the field of culture and the science backing up the education for safer time.
  • Sports Industry
    The aim of this major is to educate student to have both practical and theoretical knowledge applicable in the sports industry field. Through the analysis and discussion of both theory and case studies in the sports industry the students will be able to prepare thoroughly for any situation that may arise while working in the sports industry.
  • Golf
    The aim of this major is to educate the students to be able to become a national and global leader within the field of golf in Korea. With the Korean government supporting the spread of golf to become a sport for all the golf majors have a bright future almost guaranteeing a job for those with this sort of qualification.


  • Chung-Ang University College of Sport Science is working on creating a bright future by focusing on developing a new global paradigm.

    Welcome. I am the current Dean Dr. Jeong Deok Sul of the College of Sport Science.

    In a constantly changing and developing world, the object of this college is to help foster the development of students to become a global asset with leadership and relevant skills to their field. By employing the best professors and staff, the College of Sport Science endeavors to provide students with the best possible education so that they can realize their dreams of a bright future.


New sport / Sports Theory / Motor learning / Football / Tennis / Basic golf / Basketball / Swimming / Sports Education / Sports Nutrition / Outdoor activities / Weight training / Practice / gymnastics / Skiing / Human Anatomy / Health Education
Water Sports / Snowboarding / Sports Business Management / Sports Information Theory / kendo / dance sports / wrestling / Bowling / sports management basic English / sport facility management / Sports Communications / aerobics / Major Practice / Table Tennis
Golf History / Golf Physiology / Golf Psychology / track and field / Major in Sports / marine training / Introduction to Golf sociology / Golf Industry / Golf school / majoring Winter Sports / Sports / gymnastics



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